Reimagining the Creator-Fan Relationship

As a social network, Follw plans to reimagine and innovate on the existing creator-fan relationship. By working with both creators and fans alike, Follw hopes to ease pressure points that plagues the traditional social experience. This balancing act is crucial to make creators feel prioritized, while making fans feel appreciated for providing their support.


As a creator, you may feel like the platforms you partner with aren't treating you with the respect you deserve. You may even feel betrayed by the process. Follw is going to do things differently. Our goal is to prioritize creator needs from the very start. We want the experience of interacting with your fanbase to be as enjoyable as possible.

That means elevating your voice, listening, and ensuring you have the tools, support, and protection you need to provide the highest quality content.


Fans can sometimes feel unprioritized by the platforms they choose to participate with. As a fan, you deserve to feel appreciated for your generous support. Follw wants your experience using our platform to consume content to be seamless, sleek, and enjoyable.